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A scrawled note

5 Apr

It turns out Garibaldi is as formidable an opponent when it comes to meeting deadlines as he was when met in battle. I’m feeling downright overwhelmed by this editing project—it looms over me all the time. Additionally, my time in Italy is coming quickly to an end, so all of those trips that were being put off until the nice spring weather are piling up, and people want to be social. People can be hard to say no to. Those people also include those two other jobs I still have, babysitting and tutoring.

And oh man, could this weather be more beautiful? Nope.

I know I still owe you photos from my trip with Noel, not to mention some of the delicious food we made, but now I’ve got new photos to share with you from my trip this past weekend to Cinque Terre. These will all come soon.

Since most of my readers are back home and I haven’t had much recent contact with them, I just want to use this as a way to tell them all that I’m happy and healthy and working hard and missing them and learning lots and eating well and not packing just yet but starting to worry about it.

Tempting Spring

13 Feb

We had absolutely beautiful weather last week in Bologna. Every day had blue skies, and as the weekend drew nearer, temperatures kept creeping up until Friday when we were in the mid-fifties.

As early in the week as Monday, I took Ludo to the park to play, and though I was so happy to be out of the house, it was perhaps a bit premature. There was still a bit of snow on the ground and a whole lot of mud. Darling angel that she is, Ludo would wrap her little legs around me when I would pick her up, smearing mud from her sneakers all over my jeans. Beginner’s mistake on my part.

On Saturday a couple of SAISers, bored with the lack of work in the first week back in class and inspired by the sun, got together and hosted a barbeque. They bought something like five kilos of ground beef and spent the morning making burger patties. Even tucked back into their private courtyard, we were on the receiving end of several curious stares from the Italian neighbors. My Italian instructors told us the Monday following Easter is typically spent going out with friends for picnics, so maybe that’s the unofficial start of the eating-outdoors season, but we’re not trying to fit in anyway.

It’s back to gray skies today, and we’ve got rain forecast for later this week, but the taste of spring and the fun that will be had was enough to get me by until the weather warms up for good.

SoCal girl forever

20 Jan

It snowed again today! Only for a couple hours and none of it stuck, but they were definitely snowflakes landing on my eyelashes when I walked back from the library with Ludo. What a day to have a broken umbrella. And to have forgotten my camera!

It’s been about a month since the last snow, but the weather we’ve had in the interim has been so much worse! Dark, cold, misty gray days that hover just above freezing. Honestly though I feel bad complaining when my baby brother has to walk through six inches of “slush” and my recently transplanted-from-SoCal-to-Montana pal is in -4 degrees F. Yikes! I still cannot comprehend what that must be like.

I hear this weekend will bring more snow, so some hot chocolate and movie nights will be in order. Waltz lesson, part two, is tomorrow!

First snow! And one final trip to Cioccoshow

28 Nov

I’m looking out our dining room window right now and the roof across the courtyard looks as though it’s been dusted with powdered sugar.

I’m also wearing my flannel pajama pants under my jeans. But that’s only because I keep opening the door to take pictures.

We’ve got Christmas carols playing and a turkey soup bubbling away on the stove. Last night was the SAIS Thanksgiving dinner, and it was a really well-done event with lots of leftovers to truck home.

Kristen wanted hot chocolate and I wanted to walk in the snow, so with our combined efforts we persuaded Colin to leave his book review and join us for a walk to the final day of the Cioccoshow.

Happier campers

Sure you don't want a chocolate kebab?

Don’t you take my sunshine away

6 Nov

Rumor has it that today was the last sunny day for maybe the year here. Rain is forecast into next week and then, well, winter’s coming faster than the scooters when you step into the crosswalk.

Sunny and a Saturday and I didn’t have to work and Colin didn’t have class—all signs pointed to getting outdoors. Kristen had recommended a walk that takes you out of the city center and up a nearby hill for a lovely view of Bologna, so that’s what we did.

I spend 99% of my time walking or riding on the same four routes. This market, that market, the fruit stalls, work, SAIS. Friends live within that small area; a vintage shop I like to browse in is right there. I can go weeks without being drawn from my comfortable paths.

But today we seized the opportunity to see something new, to wander new streets. Admittedly, we frequently walk part of this way to get to the best gelato in town, but that’s always at night after the other shops have closed. Who would have guessed a toy train shop was right across the street?

We ascended the hill, stripping coats and scarves and occasionally walking single-file on the non-portico-protected sidewalks. The single-unit homes were impressive, complimenting the buildings in the historic center, but certainly a step up.

After only about 40 minutes, we arrived at San Michele in Bosco, a typical Roman-style church made out of brick, unimpressive from the outside and we didn’t take the time to peek in; the view of Bologna was enough. I was surprised to see the skyscrapers just north of the city—those are hidden by the narrow streets of the center.

And it’s fall here, and you can tell!

I hope the rumors are wrong and that we get a few more sunny days; there are more streets to explore and more hills to climb!

(I’m going to be a witch for Halloween)

31 Oct

An extra hour of sleep and Halloween? Oh, happy day!

Happy Halloween, friends! Check back tomorrow for costume photos.

Foto Friday: Sun seekers

29 Oct

Dozens of Italians enjoy their lunch in the patch of sun edging across Piazza Santo Stefano. Temperature highs have been hovering around 50 degrees this week, and we've only had sun for the last few days.

Fickle skies

5 Oct

The weather has been a little difficult to predict here in Bologna the last couple weeks. I was battling the heat and revealing myself as an American by wearing shorts when we arrived, and it stayed pleasantly warm until maybe two weeks ago. There was a bit of rain, then very sudden bitter cold. “Mom, please, send my coats! All I have are my hoodies!”

While waiting for my box of fall outwear to arrive, I shivered and revealed myself as an American by wearing my sweatshirts. (Corduroy genie pants are fine, but zip-up hoodies are a problem?)

Finally my peacoat and an extra scarf* make it to Bologna last night, and it’s warm again—tropical, almost, with how humid it is. And today it was supposed to downpour heavily, and the sun was bright and shining and it was too hot to even kick around a soccer ball. What the hell?

Please excuse me while I return to knitting another scarf. I’m expecting snow any day.

*I’ve had a beautiful green scarf that was actually a gift from Italy that I’ve been wearing… a lot. Colin has a sharp-looking green button-down that he wears on nice occasions. On a cool evening that we both had to look nice (i.e. no hoodies allowed), we were both in green. “Did you guys coordinate?” We had to stand on opposite sides of the room to make it less awkward.

Rain check

9 Sep

I ventured out of the house to run an errand before going to the park to read, but a rainstorm caught me, as well as most of the people out shopping, by surprise.