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Roman Holiday

18 Oct

When I got back from Rome and had a half-second to look at Facebook, I wanted to write a little one liner about my trip, and I was sort of stumped. Though I’d had an enjoyable time, I’d tried to catch an earlier train home than I’d anticipated: I was done about five hours earlier than I thought I’d be.

And you can’t just write: Valerie Tidwell enjoyed Rome. That’s not nearly exciting enough for the heart of one of the world’s original empires. Facebook offers little room for details about traveling on my own for the first time or being thrust into such a tourist mecca and everything that comes with that.

Rome was everything I expected it to be.

I was there to do the tourist thing: the Colosseum, the Forum, Vatican City, etc. Going alone meant I made a few careless mistakes like not noting English tours only run on the weekend and backtracking across town to make it to a tour that wasn’t being offered.

Early morning shadows stretch across the Colloseum

The Forum

Hail Caesar, and bring him flowers!

Remus and Romulus with the she-wolf

Fountain from the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona. Closest is the Nile, whose head is veiled because they didn't know the source of the river.

The crowds at the Trevi Fountain

On the whole, traveling by myself was OK. I got to be in charge of the money, the guide book, and the map; I got to decide what I wanted to eat and when. Sure, there aren’t as many pictures with me in them on the first day, but how many of those do I really need?

I did meet another solo traveler at my hostel that first evening, and she and I paired up for the second day.

The Vatican Basilica

It's hard to see, but this is a map of Bologna in the Hall of Maps in the Vatican Museum. Even the iconic Due Torres were painted in.

I’d like to go back to Rome. I didn’t get to see any museums except those in the Vatican, and I somehow missed the Raphael rooms there. Since my hostel was a far walk from most of the touristy stuff and I was trying to avoid too much walking around at night, I didn’t get to see anything lit up. Also, I’d like to go around and recreate images of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in “Roman Holiday,” possibly in period clothing. Colin doesn’t know this yet.