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O little town of Brez

4 Feb

Winter-tortured vines and the mountains we skied in.

In the town of Brez, in the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy, there is one bakery, one butcher, one bar, one restaurant, one general store, at least three churches, and one little loft apartment that was ours for the weekend.

Our patio with a view of sprawling Brez.

After coming perilously close to staying in on the night of our arrival, drawn magnetically to the couches by a sizeable movie collection and a big bowl of popcorn, we motivated ourselves out the door to try town’s restaurant, an unexpectedly swank place in which we were nearly underdressed. Colin and I made sure to keep our hiking boots tucked out of sight beneath the tablecloth.

I need to give making my own pasta another try because it is seriously good. It’s hard to believe pasta can be so soft, practically melting on your tongue.

Sunday morning we took off under a beautiful blue sky for some not-so-nearby slopes. The boys agreed we should go to Madonna di Campiglio, the most popular ski park in the area. We rented gear there and split up so Aaron and Leah could do the more advanced runs while Colin hung back with me on the beginner slopes.

Colin Cam

I had only two or three really memorable falls and otherwise had a good time. For the second half of the day, all four of us stuck together, as I was feeling a bit more comfortable going down steeper runs. We got a light dusting of snow up there, and for the first time ever, I saw snowflakes that look like the snowflakes you cut out of paper—perfectly symmetrical six-pointed stars. Around 4:30 the lifts stopped, and we trudged back to the car for the hour-long drive back to Brez, where a lasagna was waiting for us.

We decided against a second day of skiing and snowboarding on Monday because it was just so darn expensive, and instead we drove into nearby Bolzano to explore the heavily German-influenced Italian town and get some strudel. How heavily German-influenced? Signs were in German, then Italian, and the strudel-seller sent us off with a “Danke!”



28 Jan

After a long, tough semester and an intense few weeks of finals, Colin finally is at the end of his first semester at SAIS. The joy in the air is palpable, as more and more of his classmates wrap up final papers and group projects and head off to Prague, London, Spain, Budapest, Egypt (uh-oh!), and elsewhere.

As for us, we’re heading to northern Italy, the Dolomite Mountains, for some fun in the snow. Another couple, my friend Leah and her fiance, Aaron, who is a SAISer, are sharing a cabin with us. We’re taking games and hot chocolate and a frozen lasagna that I put together this afternoon. I’m super excited.

I found the cabin on AirBnB, which aggregates all the people who want to be amateur BnB hosts. It’s a better deal than an actual BnB, and the experience can be just as enjoyable. So far the host has been really great over email!

We get back late Monday night, and the rest of the week holds a (day)trip to Venice and possibly a (day)trip to Florence. Also a lot of sleeping in and watching movies.

SoCal girl forever

20 Jan

It snowed again today! Only for a couple hours and none of it stuck, but they were definitely snowflakes landing on my eyelashes when I walked back from the library with Ludo. What a day to have a broken umbrella. And to have forgotten my camera!

It’s been about a month since the last snow, but the weather we’ve had in the interim has been so much worse! Dark, cold, misty gray days that hover just above freezing. Honestly though I feel bad complaining when my baby brother has to walk through six inches of “slush” and my recently transplanted-from-SoCal-to-Montana pal is in -4 degrees F. Yikes! I still cannot comprehend what that must be like.

I hear this weekend will bring more snow, so some hot chocolate and movie nights will be in order. Waltz lesson, part two, is tomorrow!

First snow! And one final trip to Cioccoshow

28 Nov

I’m looking out our dining room window right now and the roof across the courtyard looks as though it’s been dusted with powdered sugar.

I’m also wearing my flannel pajama pants under my jeans. But that’s only because I keep opening the door to take pictures.

We’ve got Christmas carols playing and a turkey soup bubbling away on the stove. Last night was the SAIS Thanksgiving dinner, and it was a really well-done event with lots of leftovers to truck home.

Kristen wanted hot chocolate and I wanted to walk in the snow, so with our combined efforts we persuaded Colin to leave his book review and join us for a walk to the final day of the Cioccoshow.

Happier campers

Sure you don't want a chocolate kebab?