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Tasty fish

29 Oct

It’s been a delicious week here at Via Santo Stefano 53, meaning the Food Network web site has been open just about every day. Lemony artichoke dip on Saturday, vegetarian chili and cornbread on Monday, rosemary bread when I had nothing else going on, squash lasagna, sweet and sour eggplant dip, and that’s all just what I made at home.

Last night's dinner: the eggplant dip mixed with ricotta and fusilli.

On Wednesday, Melody had the Others over so Jane could show us how to make pie. We made four apple pies, and I baked mine last night. I want another go at it; my crust tasted great but wasn’t so effective at keeping the juices in.

"Oh, I should take a picture of it..."

Pie wasn’t enough for Wednesday; the four of us went to a cooking class offered by Taste of Italy. The instructor spoke Italian, but everyone else’s first language was English. The primi was linguini with clams, for secondi we had octopus with a pesto breading, and dessert was pear cooked in wine with chocolate fondant and vanilla sauce. Magic.

Pears simmering away in the front pot, octopus in the back.

Jane was the only one who wanted to chop up the octopus.