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Just a few photos

10 Sep

Nothing amazing. Imagine if I had a really stellar camera and a less-shaky hand, though. Then these would be amazing.

Bologna used to have rivers running through it, but they were pushed underground to make way for automobiles. Here is a sample of what it must have been like.

Neptune in all his watery glory. There used to be a big market in the piazza he gazes at, and fruit vendors would wash their ware in the fountain until a pope came to town and disagreed with the practice. He ordered the small fountain that the man in the very bottom of the frame is drinking from.

The statue of the pope-looking man is, in fact, a pope. However, when Napoleon came on the scene with his anti-Catholic Church views, the quick-thinking citizens of Bologna assured him it was actually a statue of St. Petronius, or San Petronio, the patron saint of Bologna. It fooled Napoleon and saved the statue's neck.

I've seen a few film crews around the city, and it's now dawning on me they were probably all for the same film, "AmeriQua," about Robert Kennedy III's life in Bologna.

This is one of my favorite streets in the city. You step onto it from the bustle of a busy street on one end or the glare of the piazza on the other, and cool, fruit-scented air is so calming.

Further down on the fruit street is a cheese shop so nice, it inspires embraces.