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A scrawled note

5 Apr

It turns out Garibaldi is as formidable an opponent when it comes to meeting deadlines as he was when met in battle. I’m feeling downright overwhelmed by this editing project—it looms over me all the time. Additionally, my time in Italy is coming quickly to an end, so all of those trips that were being put off until the nice spring weather are piling up, and people want to be social. People can be hard to say no to. Those people also include those two other jobs I still have, babysitting and tutoring.

And oh man, could this weather be more beautiful? Nope.

I know I still owe you photos from my trip with Noel, not to mention some of the delicious food we made, but now I’ve got new photos to share with you from my trip this past weekend to Cinque Terre. These will all come soon.

Since most of my readers are back home and I haven’t had much recent contact with them, I just want to use this as a way to tell them all that I’m happy and healthy and working hard and missing them and learning lots and eating well and not packing just yet but starting to worry about it.

Ghosts of diets past

8 Jan

It was a simple enough comment to overhear: “Do you want a sandwich?”

Suddenly I’m craving a marvelous stacked creation. Sliced turkey, crunchy veggies, ripe tomatoes, pesto spread, cheddar cheese, good soft bread.

I could make it happen here. Thanks to Jane, I know how to make a darn good loaf of bread that would be honored to be a part of any sandwich activity. I brag frequently about the produce stalls literally spilling onto the sidewalks near my apartment. I’m in Italy—the land of pesto!

But it’s winter now, and a nice tomato is hard to come by. Yesterday, while I was still nurturing the craving, I idled in front of the lunchmeat cooler at the supermarket, a foreign land: Hmm, €2,58 for 6, no 5, slices of turkey… Hard to swallow, but nothing compared to the absurd cost of cheddar here, when you can find it. There’s plenty of tuna around, but I’ve given up on the poor endangered fish.

I would make killer veggie sandwiches in Santa Barbara, but I hardly remember how now. I missed them sorely while we were in Taiwan, but I admit the feeling faded when we got to the land of hot, open-faced, cheesy sandwiches (aka pizzas) in August. But now, as everyone around me (except the Italians) is complaining of pasta fatigue, it might be time to buy a round of sandwich fixings and do something about this craving.

Happy New Year from Bologna

2 Jan

Yes, Bologna. I’m not in California where I’d planned to be, where I’d like to be, but in Bologna, and things could be worse. I have some friends around, and with no roommates home I can leave the house a mess for days on end. Back in my natural habitat.

I haven’t been writing though because I truly wished I was home where I had said I would be. This is one more audience to whom I had to admit I messed up thinking I could outsmart the system and get everything I want. Cannot. Lesson learned, though: no more trying to beat the Man. And now I can get back to writing about the fun stuff.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and most of the days surrounding those were spent with the ten or so SAISers still in Bologna. We watched movies, made Mexican food, played Mafia, ordered in Indian food, drank too much wine, sang songs after some of that wine, went ice skating, danced in the streets, and once or twice rolled out of bed in time to meet for a cappuccino. Like I said, things could have been worse.

Father Time represented as a two-story-tall frog, awaiting the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, when he would go up in flames.

In four days things will be back to normal. Colin and the rest of SAIS will be back, I’ll be sitting with Ludo in the mornings, the stresses of everyday life will return and this break will feel ages away. I need to make a plan for this summer, refocus on what I’d like to do long term, and see if I can’t somehow fit those two together. If a source of income could be in that mix, I would be positively ecstatic! That said, if anyone has any connections to the public health community in Southern California, that’s what I’m currently interested in.

Buona Festa! Buon Natale! Buon Anno! May 2011 bring more happiness, health, laughter, friends, and good food.