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Round, round, get around

23 Jan

I had the busiest day yesterday without getting too much done. It felt that way, at least.

Having neglected to buy more oatmeal, I made us a polenta breakfast to start the day. Let me tell you: this polenta was super fancy. I know what you’re thinking – polenta is not at all super fancy. Au contraire, dear friends, fried polenta topped with caramelized onions, feta, and honey is super fancy. And delicious. And time consuming.

The rest of my morning was completely absorbed with preparing for my new tutoring gig. One of the Others returned to the States last week, leaving two kids in need of a new English tutor. I volunteered for it and gave my first (ever) lesson yesterday. The two families met me with a burst of energy when I walked in the door; among other things, they were surprised with how different I look from my friend, who is Taiwanese-American.

There’s such a huge difference between working with Ludo and even 5-year-old Mati and working with these two kids, who are 10 and 12 and have really some of the best English that I’ve heard from any Italian. After just 15 minutes, it was clear that these are truly special and intelligent little people, so I’m excited to be working with them. It’s going to be one heck of a challenge to keep up with them every week!

By the time I got home it was late afternoon. After an hour Colin and I were both out the door again to go see about getting a second bicycle. Colin rode the Blue Banshee and I took the bus, as we had to meet the guy on the edge of the outskirts of Bologna, a 6 km ride. But I liked the bike well enough and we got it for a good price, so I’ve got wheels again. Attention potential bike thieves: Mine is the rust-colored one with the disintegrating basket on front and the wobbly wheel in the back. Please don’t steal it.

The Rust Bucket sharing a lock with the Blue Banshee, so named before it had it's brakes fixed. Seriously, what color do you think it used to be?

Foto Friday: Parked

1 Oct