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First door on the left

6 Sep

I think it was our second day in the apartment before I asked Colin what the half-toilet thing next to our regular toilet is. Not super familiar with male restrooms, I thought maybe it was a urinal. Nope, we have a bidet.

Kristen and I use it to wash our feet before bed—nobody uses it for its intended purpose, and it conserves more water than turning on the faucet in the tub! (Yes, we have a tub!)

I wonder what these Italians (and Greeks and French and Muslims and Arabs and Indians and Filipinos and South Americans…) think of Americans who prefer just wiping. The closest approximation I can come up with is what I think about people who leave a public restroom without washing their hands. I don’t think I’ll make the transition, but there is a movement to bring bidet-use to the USA.

Another fun and difficult feature of our bathroom is the drying rack. With a simple (only slightly broken) pulley system, I can hoist damp clothes above the tub to sit in a dark closed room for a few days until they’re dry enough. That system might need to be reconsidered when winter arrives.