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New Year’s resolution

10 Jan

I know myself very well, and I am not the type of person to stick to things without some external motivation like a team or a class. Somehow related to this personality trait is the fact that my New Year’s resolutions tend to be forgotten before the Valentine’s Day candy hits the shelves. I’d forgotten to even think about making a New Year’s resolution this year until around 11 p.m. on Dec. 31 when someone asked the group about them.

Anyway, I finally thought of one, appropriately over a week late: Be on time for things.

Any New Year’s resolutions out there, readers?

On the road again

19 Dec

Made it safely to Switzerland yesterday afternoon and had a lovely night at Pascal and Andy’s with loads of their friends and plenty of food. They had a nice surprise for us–Andy’s expecting in May!

I’ll be on a train early tomorrow for the Geneva airport for the next leg of my journey home. Next post will be from CA!

Not dead

16 Dec

Just a bit busy in a Christmas sort of way.

And my bike got stolen, so every single thing I do outside the house takes longer than I’m used to.

Foto Friday: Sun seekers

29 Oct

Dozens of Italians enjoy their lunch in the patch of sun edging across Piazza Santo Stefano. Temperature highs have been hovering around 50 degrees this week, and we've only had sun for the last few days.

Italy is wonderfully obliging

26 Sep

Especially when it comes to living up to expectations. Most of those stereotypes that people hold in their head about Italy have turned out to be based on reality. For example, everyone actually eats gelato, from school kids to businessmen. That’s pretty much all they eat during the day, as the huge number of cigarettes they smoke dulls their appetites. They actually live a slower pace of life, closing for a three-hour siesta every day after lunch.

And they don’t mess around with dinner. Colin and I went with Jane, Lars, and Justin to the Osteria Broccaindossa on Friday night for a wonderful exercise in stuffing ourselves.

The waiters brought out at least eight different antipasti dishes, including deep-fried baguette with sautéed zucchini, mini eggplant parmigiana, bean salad, green salad, cheese with a little comfiture, beans and wienies, and a couple different quiches. Those were the appetizers.

Then they brought out meat-filled tortellini in broth, cheese-filled tortelloni in a butter-sage sauce, and tagliatelle with ragu. Since I couldn’t help with the meat pastas, they pushed almost all of the tortelloni my direction.

Stuffed though I was, there was no way I was passing on il dolce. Jane and I selected the crème caramel and the cream puffs with dark chocolate sauce, and the boys only just managed a few nibbles. Absolutely delicious.

I know there are dozens of restaurants in Bologna that we should try, but I’m already thinking of excuses to go back to Osteria Broccaindossa. Will someone come to visit already?

Another perspective

11 Sep

Loved my account of that three-month “vacation” so much you could hear the story again? Colin’s been scribbling like mad the past few days to catch up, and you can find his country-by-country perspective (still a work in progress) at Dis Aliter Visum.