Asian-subcontinent-sized headache

26 Jan

Last night I made my first real foray into making Indian food, which I love but haven’t had much exposure to. Anyway, I decided I’d be making eggplant curry following my darling lemon thyme’s recipe (isn’t that the cutest name?). I needed naan to go with it, and finally settled on what seemed like a basic recipe from the Food Network.

Well, before I’d even started on the naan dough, a headache had me headed for the couch for brief spells of rest in between the nothing I was doing and the nothing I was planning to do. Colin, in all his grad-school wisdom, suggested we not cook tonight, go the ol’ pasta and a jar of sauce route. I tell you, I choose the silliest things to be stubborn about.

We went ahead with the curry, Colin being an immense help. I was excited about this dish because I had an eggplant going soft and many of the ingredients are anti-angiogenesis: ginger, turmeric, garlic, and tomatoes. With Colin stirring and me chopping, it came together really easily, but the rich smell was really only aggravating my throbbing head.

I opted to pan-fry the naan a la pancakes because it just seemed easier than baking. All the blogs promised naan just as good as a restaurant’s, but maybe I need a bit more practice or a different recipe, because mine didn’t come close to Baba Masala’s.

I ended up with no appetite for anything but two of Kristen’s Motrins. Luckily the curry is supposed to be even better after a day, so I’m enjoying it now for lunch.

One Response to “Asian-subcontinent-sized headache”

  1. Monique January 27, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    Wow that looks great!! I made Indian last night, but it was mostly premade simmer sauces, etc., boxed up from Trader Joe’s. I think I’d like to try making some from scratch! 🙂 Sorry to hear about the headache, I get those sometimes and literally cannot function.

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