24 Jan

You know how in old period movies set in the 18th century there’s usually a ball scene that has at least one big number with all of the dancers in rows and doing set moves? Well, I figured that if that ever really happened, it was something that had long ago drifted out of fashion and never would have guessed that it was something that still happens today.

I would have been wrong. It will happen at the Austrian ball, and our Austrians have dutifully prepared us for it. At the stroke of midnight at our ball, any number of SAISers may be participating in the Fledermaus quadrille.

How ridiculously exciting is that? We started learning it of Friday and, I have to say, we looked pretty good. More practice is needed, certainly, and we’ll need to learn more than the first minute, which is all we know now, but I’M SO PUMPED!

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