Ghosts of diets past

8 Jan

It was a simple enough comment to overhear: “Do you want a sandwich?”

Suddenly I’m craving a marvelous stacked creation. Sliced turkey, crunchy veggies, ripe tomatoes, pesto spread, cheddar cheese, good soft bread.

I could make it happen here. Thanks to Jane, I know how to make a darn good loaf of bread that would be honored to be a part of any sandwich activity. I brag frequently about the produce stalls literally spilling onto the sidewalks near my apartment. I’m in Italy—the land of pesto!

But it’s winter now, and a nice tomato is hard to come by. Yesterday, while I was still nurturing the craving, I idled in front of the lunchmeat cooler at the supermarket, a foreign land: Hmm, €2,58 for 6, no 5, slices of turkey… Hard to swallow, but nothing compared to the absurd cost of cheddar here, when you can find it. There’s plenty of tuna around, but I’ve given up on the poor endangered fish.

I would make killer veggie sandwiches in Santa Barbara, but I hardly remember how now. I missed them sorely while we were in Taiwan, but I admit the feeling faded when we got to the land of hot, open-faced, cheesy sandwiches (aka pizzas) in August. But now, as everyone around me (except the Italians) is complaining of pasta fatigue, it might be time to buy a round of sandwich fixings and do something about this craving.

One Response to “Ghosts of diets past”

  1. Patrick Cowsill January 12, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    I used to crave IHOP. I’d always go there first when I went home. I also wanted newspapers and hockey magazines. Now, all that’s online.

    I don’t miss anything food-wise either (anymore). It’s so strange to hear you in Italy, surrounded by all that wonderful food, missing items such as turkey and cheddar. I think you’ll go back to Santa Barbara and miss all the great Italian food.

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