Where’d you get the pink 50s you cheating –

3 Jan

Sometimes I have to remind myself that life isn’t about winning. Like when the 5-year-old I babysit wants to play her Italian Monopoly. Travel Italian Monopoly. It could fit in Barbie’s Playhouse. Of all the games to turn into travel games, I would not have chosen Monopoly. I bet her grandma gets her these travel games; she probably just thinks they’re kids-sized.

Mati didn’t distinguish 10 euro bills from 500 euro bills because they were a similar shade of pink, even after I pointed out the difference to her and tried to say the numbers in Italian. It was that sort of game—forgotten in a flash when her lunch was ready.

Italian Monopoly has Mafia shakedown cards mixed in the Chance piles: “Hand over the money or your little doggie gets it!”

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