Bologna blues

9 Dec

I wish I could say there has been a dearth of posts because I’ve been too busy doing too much fun stuff to spend any quality time on the Internet. I wish I had exciting cooking stories or traveling stories or weather stories or even more Cioccoshow stories, but I’ve got pretty much nothing.

I’ve got nothing, that is, except some Bologna blues.

It’s cold and almost always gray during the ever-shortening hours of daylight. Colin is busier than he’s ever been before and practically a permanent installment at the SAIS library. My work schedule is opposite of those of my friends here, so there are very limited opportunities for play. These friends mirror this melancholy mood.

At least the euro is dropping. And I still fit in the Speedo I bought freshman year of college. (Exercise makes people happy, right? I’m rededicating myself to the pool.)

Home will be nice. More than nice. I have exactly a week to get everything in order before we leave for Switzerland, where Pascal and Andy will host us and several other friends for a holiday turkey dinner. Then Monday I’m on the plane to California! Hints for Italy-themed Christmas gifts can be left in the comments section.

One Response to “Bologna blues”

  1. Dad December 15, 2010 at 4:56 am #

    I know those cold gloomy days Val. They’re unproductive and miserable. Your brother is also ready to get out of the cold. We just had a 2 day heatwave here this week.
    We’re all excited about you be home for Christmas.

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