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On the road again

19 Dec

Made it safely to Switzerland yesterday afternoon and had a lovely night at Pascal and Andy’s with loads of their friends and plenty of food. They had a nice surprise for us–Andy’s expecting in May!

I’ll be on a train early tomorrow for the Geneva airport for the next leg of my journey home. Next post will be from CA!

Not dead

16 Dec

Just a bit busy in a Christmas sort of way.

And my bike got stolen, so every single thing I do outside the house takes longer than I’m used to.

Foto Friday: Elf

10 Dec

Bologna blues

9 Dec

I wish I could say there has been a dearth of posts because I’ve been too busy doing too much fun stuff to spend any quality time on the Internet. I wish I had exciting cooking stories or traveling stories or weather stories or even more Cioccoshow stories, but I’ve got pretty much nothing.

I’ve got nothing, that is, except some Bologna blues.

It’s cold and almost always gray during the ever-shortening hours of daylight. Colin is busier than he’s ever been before and practically a permanent installment at the SAIS library. My work schedule is opposite of those of my friends here, so there are very limited opportunities for play. These friends mirror this melancholy mood.

At least the euro is dropping. And I still fit in the Speedo I bought freshman year of college. (Exercise makes people happy, right? I’m rededicating myself to the pool.)

Home will be nice. More than nice. I have exactly a week to get everything in order before we leave for Switzerland, where Pascal and Andy will host us and several other friends for a holiday turkey dinner. Then Monday I’m on the plane to California! Hints for Italy-themed Christmas gifts can be left in the comments section.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

5 Dec

It turns out April had been traveling for three weeks already and was really just happy to sit and relax somewhere, so we didn’t do a whole lot of the tourist thing. We took her around to our favorite gelato shops and strolled around the city center until we got too cold. Colin wanted a Christmas tree, so after a leisurely pancake breakfast on Saturday we got together all the things we would need for that. Jane and Lars came over with mulled wine and homemade pasta, and a good time was had by all.

Via D'Azeglio

Shop display on Via Clavature

Via Caprarie

Hard at work on paper cranes and popcorn strands to decorate the tree!

Practice as a tour guide

2 Dec

Colin has a friend from his time in Japan coming to visit this weekend. She’s only here for two days—too short a time to go anywhere but maybe just a little bit long to be entertained in Bologna. That’s what Colin thinks at least; I think that we have enough dining options to share with her, and the stuff in between is really secondary.

It will hopefully be good practice for when I have visitors of my own come. Of course, this being Christmas season makes it a bit easier: strolling around the city to admire the light displays is an activity in itself, and though the Christmas market isn’t fabulous, it gets points for being close to our house.

Bologna has about a dozen museums and nightlife to suit anyone, and it’s possible to go up to the top of the taller tower, though I’m not sure how impressive that will be in the rain.