25 Nov

Bologna is hosting a chocolate festival this week. It opened on Wednesday and I’ve gone twice already. Yes, both days that it’s been open. Yes, I’ve bought chocolate both times. No, I don’t have photos to show you because my camera hasn’t been in my purse where it normally lives. Yes, I intend to go back, so I’ll try to remember my camera that time (tomorrow, probably).

It’s right down the street! How can I not go? Most of the chocolatiers hand out free samples if you look long enough or show up with three other American girls. Not so much with a baby stroller.

In addition to the chocolate-dipped dried pear and pineapple ring and the assortment of artisan candies I brought home, I took something else from this festival: a new professional aspiration of crafting chocolate animals. I know, you need pictures.

One Response to “Cioccoshow”

  1. musingsandmarvels November 26, 2010 at 11:46 pm #

    mmm sounds like a yummy hobby. And yes, pictures please

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