Don’t you take my sunshine away

6 Nov

Rumor has it that today was the last sunny day for maybe the year here. Rain is forecast into next week and then, well, winter’s coming faster than the scooters when you step into the crosswalk.

Sunny and a Saturday and I didn’t have to work and Colin didn’t have class—all signs pointed to getting outdoors. Kristen had recommended a walk that takes you out of the city center and up a nearby hill for a lovely view of Bologna, so that’s what we did.

I spend 99% of my time walking or riding on the same four routes. This market, that market, the fruit stalls, work, SAIS. Friends live within that small area; a vintage shop I like to browse in is right there. I can go weeks without being drawn from my comfortable paths.

But today we seized the opportunity to see something new, to wander new streets. Admittedly, we frequently walk part of this way to get to the best gelato in town, but that’s always at night after the other shops have closed. Who would have guessed a toy train shop was right across the street?

We ascended the hill, stripping coats and scarves and occasionally walking single-file on the non-portico-protected sidewalks. The single-unit homes were impressive, complimenting the buildings in the historic center, but certainly a step up.

After only about 40 minutes, we arrived at San Michele in Bosco, a typical Roman-style church made out of brick, unimpressive from the outside and we didn’t take the time to peek in; the view of Bologna was enough. I was surprised to see the skyscrapers just north of the city—those are hidden by the narrow streets of the center.

And it’s fall here, and you can tell!

I hope the rumors are wrong and that we get a few more sunny days; there are more streets to explore and more hills to climb!

One Response to “Don’t you take my sunshine away”

  1. Tony November 6, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    The sunglasses help to convince me, but it looks like cooler weather has arrived, although doesn’t mean it can’t be sunny. We had sun in Finland today, but there was frost on a neighbor’s car when I came home at 8pm.

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