Open season on squash

3 Nov

Halloween has long been a favorite holiday of mine; I’ve always attributed that to the dressing up and eating more candy than this website will allow me to calculate. Roommate Kristen pointed out another reason to love Halloween: it kicks off the whole festive, food-laden season.

Without any Thanksgiving holiday to break things up here, home furnishing stores on Via Santo Stefano have put up their Christmas displays. One clothing shop had obviously taken All Saints’ Day on Monday off, leaving the witch hats on the mannequins until even this evening, but right next door, white Christmas trees glistened under the lights—a bit jarring on this balmy night.

In honor of the fall season in general, I participated in a squash challenge offered by a gigantic butternut squash I purchased. Last week’s squash lasagna was the first contest; Halloween dinner was squash risotto (which got disappeared before a photo could be snapped); and tonight I made squash, caramelized onion, and mushroom stromboli.


The challenge


Confession: There’s still about a cup of squash puree in the freezer, and not all of the stromboli filling fit inside the dough I had, so it’ll probably get turned into pasta leftovers for lunch. There is plenty of inspiration left at Food52, which recently held a butternut squash recipe contest of its own, but for now, filled to the point of uncomfortableness with butternut squash, I’m calling this challenge over.

One Response to “Open season on squash”

  1. Monique November 6, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    don’t worry, we’ve skipped Thanksgiving here too. Everything’s already decked out for Christmas. But I did have that same realization in France a few years back – without Halloween and Thanksgiving, my town put up the Christmas lights the first week of October. Whoa, chill.

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