Fickle skies

5 Oct

The weather has been a little difficult to predict here in Bologna the last couple weeks. I was battling the heat and revealing myself as an American by wearing shorts when we arrived, and it stayed pleasantly warm until maybe two weeks ago. There was a bit of rain, then very sudden bitter cold. “Mom, please, send my coats! All I have are my hoodies!”

While waiting for my box of fall outwear to arrive, I shivered and revealed myself as an American by wearing my sweatshirts. (Corduroy genie pants are fine, but zip-up hoodies are a problem?)

Finally my peacoat and an extra scarf* make it to Bologna last night, and it’s warm again—tropical, almost, with how humid it is. And today it was supposed to downpour heavily, and the sun was bright and shining and it was too hot to even kick around a soccer ball. What the hell?

Please excuse me while I return to knitting another scarf. I’m expecting snow any day.

*I’ve had a beautiful green scarf that was actually a gift from Italy that I’ve been wearing… a lot. Colin has a sharp-looking green button-down that he wears on nice occasions. On a cool evening that we both had to look nice (i.e. no hoodies allowed), we were both in green. “Did you guys coordinate?” We had to stand on opposite sides of the room to make it less awkward.

One Response to “Fickle skies”

  1. Monique October 5, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    It’s been on and off, rainy, hot, sunny, cool here. What the heck?!

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