Belated apology to my brother

28 Sep

Jake, I’m sorry for making your younger days harder than they had to be. It was selfish of me to snatch toys, to insist they all belong to me, even the non-toxic chew toys my 5-year-old mouth no longer needed. I’m sorry for jumping in front of cameras and requiring there be more photos of me than of you hanging around the house. I’m sorry I hid my resentment of you by “hugging” you when you were trying to crawl or walk; I knew walking was one of the few abilities that separated you as a baby from me as a “big kid.”

Also, belated apologies to Mom and Dad for my part in making the second try more difficult. I’m sure I had my unreasonable, uncompromising moments, and I know how unattractive that can be.

Finally, big-time apologies to any former babysitters who just got thrown into that situation.

Now, any advice on how to deal with that?

One Response to “Belated apology to my brother”

  1. Tony September 29, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    No advice, but good luck – your karma is coming to haunt you, but I think you have what it takes to handle it. Great post!!

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