Big days in Bologna

9 Sep

It’s been a pretty slow-moving week. The family I’m hopefully going to work for wanted to try out an Italian nanny (just for kicks? I’m not worried) so I haven’t worked since Sunday. I could go out and exercise, but I require a lot of motivation to leave the house for that, and I haven’t quite hit that critical mass (I can feel it coming though). So that leaves reading my book, H.G. Wells’ The First Men in the Moon, and tending to the apartment for my daily activities (and of course you, Internet…).

The weather’s better today than it was yesterday (rain, thunder, lightening, fire, brimstone), so maybe I’ll go to the park to read. Especially since my potential employer just called to let me know her mother is in town and that the girls will want to spend the afternoon with Grandma. (Still not worried.)

Things I could start doing: dance classes, Italian classes, pool time, shop for shoes, look for work, art projects to replace the Renaissance-style Madonnas around the apartment

Things I’ll probably do:

Well, the future is unwritten, right?

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