Five-year-olds have a tremendous amount of energy

2 Sep

Which has suddenly become relevant in my life with this part-time babysitting gig I’m doing. I’m working for an Italian family with two girls, a 1-year-old, Ludovica, and a 5-year-old, Matilda.

I met the whole family yesterday for the first time and went back that evening for a trial run. Mom took the baby, so I just had to play with Matilda. Matilda has had English-speaking sitters for a couple years now, but is shy to speak English herself. She is not shy to speak Italian, and she prattles on at ridiculous speed despite my obvious lack of understanding.

Not that there’s much understanding needed when she’s pistol-whipping me with a green foam scooter cut-out from her sister’s floor mat. “Oh, you want me to defend myself with eggplant and shoot back with the giant snail.” Her dad introduced her as “aggressive by nature.”

And then as I’m about to leave, she pulls out the paper and markers to draw a gelato cone.

Seriously though, they need to get her into sports. Volleyball, basketball, soccer—we play it all in the living room! Her parents each offered me coffee separately yesterday, and I turned it down both times. I did not make that mistake today.

One Response to “Five-year-olds have a tremendous amount of energy”

  1. Barbara Weiler September 2, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    V- I have loved following your adventure! Great photos, too. Will be wishing Jake a bon voyage this Saturday at your Mom’s. Stay well. Post often.

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